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ADHD Med Student’s Notes and Images ♡ 2 Corinthians 4:7-9

Personally, I cannot study my notes if they are messy/not visually pleasing because I will hyper-focus on fixing all the little visual errors rather than the actual material. I found that most anatomically correct images where full of already placed labels & artistic additions. I do appreciate these things, don’t get me wrong. However, my dyslexic and ADHD mind needs simple and clean images with minimal distractions. I also prefer no background on the images so that they fit seamlessly (and aesthetically) into my notes. To solve my problems, I started to draw my own anatomically correct diagrams. Am I an artist? lol no. I am a first year medical student, but I love to think I am artistic. Drawing helps me study because I am forced to spend more time with the information. Plus once, for example, the skeletal base is drawn, I can add in neurovascular, muscle orgins and insertions, lymph pathways, etc. Which again, is how I study best. My friends love my notes/drawings and encouraged me to sell them. So here we are! As I get free time durning the quarter, I will upload all sorts of study aids, so stay tuned!

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