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About Us

Pelavida (from the Portuguese words “pela” meaning “for” and “vida” meaning “life”) is our registered LLC for what we plan to be an integral part of the pro-life economy, starting with Shop Pelavida. Please see our “About us” page for more information and see our “Sell on Pelavida” to join us! Also, be sure to sign up for our newsletter for brand updates, news, and discounts!

We do not have a physical store (yet).  As a B2C (business-to-consumer) e-commerce marketplace, we host established pro-life brands and assist them in selling for a low fee; similar to Amazon or Etsy but in a much less complicated manner.

While most of our brands are Patriot-value based, and many actively search for “Made in America” opportunities, not all products we host are made in the USA. It is our intent to support our vendors in establishing supply/production chains that are pro-life “Start to Finish” and if that means we can localize to the United States, all the better.

Yes, as best as we can possibly ensure. In order to be hosted on our marketplace, sellers must sign a contract that includes an acknowledgement (Declaration of Life) that all owners and goals of the business support the pro-life cause; if found in violation of this agreement they will be removed from the marketplace. We take the added measures of screening a business’s political contributions (if any), checking social media posts and engagement, as well as listening to feedback from customers and references. That said, humans can be malicious and wicked (if not, our cause wouldn’t be necessary) so we ask for your help identifying those who are!

Human life begins at conception, and all humans have a right to life. Abortion should not be permissible at any stage of the pregnancy, regardless of reason or circumstance.

There are no “what about if…”s when it comes to life. We believe anything short of being uncompromisingly pro-life is actually part of the pro-choice movement. Please see our “About us” page for more details on what it means to be “uncompromisingly pro-life.”

During the creation of the site, we prayed a lot about what our inclusion requirements should be, ranging from very strict to fairly open. We settled on being open, as long as sellers agreed to a “Statement of Life.” This allows for more products for you, the consumer, and more support overall for the pro-life movement. We encourage you to use our “Values Filter” to further refine your choices as you see fit, but please be assured that we are all working together on a central cause and we believe all of our sellers deserve your patronage!

Orders and Shipping

Shipping is vendor dependent. Shop Pelavida does not guarantee specific shipping times for any of the products on the website, though we do require businesses to make every effort to be communicative with consumers on timelines/updates once a purchase has been made. If a product is “made to order” – please adjust your expectations on arrival accordingly. If you feel you have experienced excessive shipping delays, please visit our “Contact Us” page is submit your name, email, and order number and we will provide you direct support.

Because Shop Pelavida does not host products itself, we do not offer a return/refund policy. Please review the Return Policy posted on each product page or as provided by each Brand prior to making any purchases.

Because Shop Pelavida does not ships products itself, we do not offer a shipping policy. Please review the shipping policy posted on each product page or as provided by each brand prior to making any purchases.

Yes! Shop Pelavida make a great gift for the pro-life peer in your life and help us introduce new customers to the site; please visit the gift card category to purchase a gift card.

More questions? Visit our contact us page or reach out on our social media to ask us directly! We read each note personally and will provide a personal response! 

Thank you,

For Life.