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Why Pelavida?

Pro-Life companies

Uncompromisingly For Life

All brands hosted on our marketplace have agreed to our Declaration of Life as we all work together to protect the unborn.



Search and filter brands by their identified values to further help you align your financial decisions with what you treasure the most.

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Your Impact

At the end of each month, we donate 10% (or more!) of our proceeds to crisis pregnancy centers. Every purchase you make on Pelavida supports these centers that are on the frontline of the fight for life. 

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*Since our launch on February 1st, 2023.

We Had to do Something

Pelavida grew from our family’s intense desire to be fiscally and morally responsible with our resources. We had grown weary of morally corrupt companies, especially those that were paying for their employees to travel for abortions or were contributing to “anti-life” campaigns. We decided the best approach was to speak out with our dollars and we did our best to avoid these companies.

Solving the Problem

To solve this problem and to make the shopping process simpler for us and others, we created Shop Pelavida, where we host only uncompromisingly pro-life brands. We also made it easier to see what other values brands identify with via badges on each product/brand page, so our customers can choose with even greater transparency.

Our Beliefs

As Christians, we stand firm in the Word, and Pelavida is founded specifically from God’s message in Jeremiah 1:5a:“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”

We believe that every Child is intentionally and purposefully made by God. Abortion is a direct violation of His creation.

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