About Pelavida


[pay-lah-vee-dah] noun.

1. A portmanteau of two Portuguese words, pela (meaning “for”) and vida (meaning “life”)

2. A pro-life marketplace designed to help consumers align their spending with their values.

Where did it begin?

About Pelavida

We are Brydon and Giulia, the husband and wife team behind Pelavida, and the proud parents of a boisterous one year old.

Pelavida grew from our family’s intense desire to be fiscally and morally responsible with our resources. We had grown weary of morally corrupt companies, especially those that were paying for their employees to travel for abortions or were contributing to “anti-life” campaigns. We decided the best approach was to speak out with our dollars and we did our best to avoid these companies.

We then became invested in supporting pro-life initiatives and businesses. While challenging, the search for companies with similar values to ours and to then support them was immensely rewarding. We did miss the convenience of the one-stop-shop of the larger marketplaces, and found ourselves leaving items “in the cart” far too often.

To solve this problem and to make the shopping process simpler for us and others, we created Shop Pelavida, where we host only uncompromisingly pro-life vendors. We also made it easier to see what other values brands identify with via badges on each product/brand page, so our customers can choose with even greater transparency.

We look forward to being an integral part of the pro-life parallel economy and are so glad you decided to join us! Be sure to follow our social media for updates and feel free to reach out with comments or questions as we save lives together!

For Life,
-Brydon and Giulia

about pelavida
What does it mean?

Uncompromisingly For Life

As Christians, we stand firm in the Word, and Pelavida is founded specifically from God’s message in Jeremiah 1:5a:

“Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you.”

We believe that every Child is intentionally and purposefully made by God. Abortion is a direct violation of His creation. Additionally, we acknowledge the science that unique DNA (i.e. Life) is created at conception (1996 Princeton Study). To abort this DNA at any stage of the pregnancy is murder. 

With each of those facts in mind, we choose to be uncompromisingly pro-life. There are no exceptions. There are no “What about if..”s. In order to be hosted on Pelavida, all of our vendors have agreed to the same statement and customers can shop with the peace of mind that they are not contributing to the murder industry.

What is next?

Looking into the Future

With God’s blessing, this is only the beginning. We hope to continue to add brands and provide even more opportunities for consumers to spend in line with their values. We look forward to becoming a part of the pro-life parallel economy that is developing and to provide monetary support to pre and post-birth care centers across the country.

about pelavida
How does someone support Pelavida?

Join us in our mission!

We are in our initial entry into business, e-commerce, and customer support. Please provide feedback via our “Contact Us” page or email hello@shoppelavida.com for areas of improvement, ideas, or if you want to get involved! Additionally, if you are a pro-life vendor, please see our “Sell on Pelavida” page to start your application or send an email to brands@shoppelavida.com.

We look forward to serving you and remember – shop for life!

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