Son of Alice in Wonderland Ebook


It was on the day of my 19th birthday that my mother was taken, and I feared that she had been lost to us forever. It was only then that my father told me that their stories of Wonderland had been true and only a son of Alice could go into the world of wonder to save her. Now I will take my father’s place as the Mad Hatter and gather some strange allies along the way to rescue my mother, Alice and save Underland from the Queen of Hearts!

I am a creator and author for over ten years now. My first work was a comic book I illustrated and self published called Jackket Knightmare that deals with the very tough topic of child abuse. Since then I began writing stories after my parents and sisters passing I completed a story I began 11 years ago Son of Alice in Wonderland. I also did the illustration for the cover and artwork inside. Son of Alice in Wonderland is a what if story if Mad Hatter married Alice in our world and they had a son. The inspiration is drawn from the Movie from Tim Burton and Scyfy channels movie Alice.

Son of Alice in Wonderland explores the question if Hatter came into our world and married an adult Alice then they had a son. This story follows William C. Hatterson’s from his POV. His mother is suddenly taken one night with no clues as to why and who would do such a thing. It is then that his father finally confesses to his son that he is the Mad hatter and that the stories Alice told were true. His son is later drawn into Wonderland after following a white rabbit. Now he must take on the mantle of Mad Hatter in order to save his mother from the vengeful Red Queen. I’ve am a graphic novelist, writer and illustrator. I’ve been developing fictional stories with illustrations for the past 10+ year, but this is my first book publication I also did the front cover and interior illustrations for. I’ve also been a holy spirit filled Christian since I was a child. my heart to minister to young people through entertainment with a positive message.

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