More Sure than the Sun (A Torch in the Empire Series Book Two)


by Savannah Jane McCrary
illustrated by Grace Obenhaus and the McCrary family

It’s A. D. 66. Abigail was warned not to try to escape. Warned of what happens to runaway slaves when they get caught. But ever since she was taken from her home in Jerusalem and sold as a slave in Rome, she’s longed for freedom and to be reunited with her family. So she ran. Now if only she can leave the city of Rome behind. For even if she’s not punished as a runaway slave, her Christian faith is enough to condemn her to a merciless death in the arena.

For Abigail’s brother Jesse, hating his life and yet fearing death, his existence as a gladiator is misery. He promised his father he would take care of his sister, and he failed. Forced to fight and kill for the entertainment of a bloodthirsty Roman crowd, he puts back every coin he collects, living for the day when he will be free and find his sister.

A Roman soldier and the son of a wealthy Roman patrician, Lucas has been told that the Christians are evil sorcerers. He is completely unprepared for what he encounters when he actually meets these Christ-followers.

The second book in A Torch in the Empire Series, More Sure than the Sun is a story of faith, hope, and courage in the midst of darkness. Weaving together fictional characters with real historical persons and events, this series takes you back to first century Rome when the early church faced the worst of persecutions under Emperor Nero.


“This is an unashamedly Christian historical fiction story. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is incorporated very clearly into the story line. However, this book would be an entertaining and educational story for anybody who enjoys historical fiction.
The author, Savannah Jane McCrary, tells the story through the lives of several young people who are often faced with peril and persecution from the Roman government. With several characters from different walks of life, the story is explored from many different sides: rich, poor, slave, parent, and soldier. Each of the characters intersects in some form or another–often impacting each other without even realizing it–some by being kind, some by being a good listener, and some by speaking their convictions. The story flows well, moves quickly, and the characters each grow as we listen to their thoughts, heartaches, fears, and hopes.” –

Stories of adventure, hope, truth, beauty, and light.

I’m passionate about shining the light of Jesus through stories. I write in a variety of genres but my favorite thing to write is accurate historical fiction infused with adventure, beauty, and the hope of the kingdom of heaven. I was homeschooled all the way through, and fond memories of my mother reading aloud to my siblings and me inspired me to write stories that families can enjoy together!

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