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Looking for that perfect one-of-a-kind experience for your kids? Your search is over with our Escape Room Game Printable for home or classroom use!

Create a Langauge Arts experience that is fun and unforgettable! Our Grammar Detectives Escape Room Game Printable is a NO-FUSS experience your kids can enjoy at home or in a classroom.

Our Escape Room Game Printable is formatted as low-prep, easy setup activity for kids ages 9 – 12. All you need is a printer! No props, no complicated instructions, no fuss cutting, folding, or taping pieces! Just print and go!

Create an exciting adventure for your children/students right in your home (or classroom!). This Escape Room Game Printable features 9 puzzle challenges. Finish all the puzzles to reveal a final secret code! Make that secret code the “password” for a prize, or use it as a code to open a programmable lock (must be purchased separately).

Whether you’re planning a English / Grammar themed party, class celebration, end-of-year event or need sub plans, this game will be star of the show (and make you look brilliant!).

Have kids solve puzzles on their own, in pairs, or in small groups. Don’t wait to try this unique experience! You could be playing these games in as little time as it takes to print these pages! Grab this Escape Room Game Printable and let your kids experience the one-of-a-kind thrill of solving puzzles together!



🗝️PDF game guide (8.5 x 11)

🗝️Directions & Mission – with a fun Grammar Detectives storyline that is thematically continued throughout the game

🗝️ 9 puzzle challenges

🗝️Answer Recording sheet

🗝️Answer Key Sheet

🗝️Set up instructions

🗝️Frequently asked questions

🗝️Hint cards

🗝️BONUS: Props/Signs to make the game more fun (optional) – Top Secret Folder Cover, Secret Agent Badges, Access Key Code Pinpad, “We Escaped” sign

🗝️EXTENSION ACTIVITIES: This game has 8 review cards to assist in reviewing Essentials Grammar facts. (These have been added SPECIFICALLY for my CC Essentials families to the original game and will need to be cut apart; it’s the only piece that requires any cutting, and these are not included with my other games.)



Grammar Detectives! Your help is desperately needed! The city of Grammaropolis is in chaos because the parts of speech are all mixed up. The citizens of Grammaropolis speak in sentences that do not make complete sense! As part of the Grammar Detectives team, it is imperative that you unravel the mystery of the missing parts of speech and restore order to the sentences. …[the story continues in the game printable!]


⭐️Gameplay: 30-60 minutes

⭐️Ages: 8+

⭐️Number of players: Unlimited!

⭐️Skills: Basic math skills required.

**Note, the puzzles themselves are for entertainment purposes only. The included extension materials in THIS kit provide options for review of facts, but there are no lessons/curriculum included.

>>>> THIS IS A DIGITAL PRODUCT<<<< You will not receive a physical copy of this game. You will receive a link to the product – check your email’s spam/promotions folder if you do not see this email.

❇️❇️❇️HOW TO PLAY❇️❇️❇️

☑️After purchase, it takes just a few minutes for your digital file to be ready to download in your email inbox. There are 10 stations with various puzzles and code-breaking games. Some stations may be trickier than others so we’ve included clue sheets to help solve each game. Play time varies depending on how large of a group is playing. Once finished, you can save the instructions and station puzzles to play again another day.

FOR PERSONAL USE ONLY. Not for resale or distribution.

Happy Strong Home was created to help mothers and homeschool families thrive by offering support, resources, and encouragement for your journey. We believe in teaching children to seek truth, goodness, and beauty, and that all truth ultimately leads back to God. Our printable resources help families take away the burden of curating quality morning time materials. So you can just snuggle up and enjoy classic poems, artwork, hymn, scripture, and Charlotte Mason affirmations, without all the scurrying!

❇️❇️❇️F.A.Q.’s❇️❇️❇️ ❓How long does this activity take to complete? It depends on a lot of things. Estimated completion time is 30-60 minutes but it’s based on the kids’ puzzle skills, group size, and age. We recommend this game set for ages 8-12. ❓How many kids can play at once? Kids can play individually, with friends, or in large groups. There really is no limit to the number of players. ❓What if the kids get stuck on one of the puzzles? First off, let them think for a bit! This is where critical thinking skills come in. If they get stuck, hint cards have been included in your download to guide them and provide examples. ❓Where do kids start? Kids can start on any puzzles and complete the puzzles in ANY order! Just be sure to record the answers in their correct spot on the recording sheet. ❓How do you know if their answers are correct? There is an answer key provided in the PDF. Answers are in red. ❓How do I set up the activity? Just print and play! Everything you need is included in your download. You don’t need locks, envelopes, or special equipment. You can hang or hide the puzzles or just spread them out on the kitchen table. *You CAN use the 4 digit final code to program a lock if you want to add to the fun, but it is not necessary for this game! ❓Do I have to print out the game materials for every kid? Nope! You ONLY have to print out the answer recording sheet for each kid or group. Just one set of the actual puzzles is all you need!

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