Blind Date With A Book Book Mystery Box! (Copy)


This blind date with a book is unlike most-it is Victorianized!
When purchasing this product, you will receive a book published before 1950, tea, ephemera, and some more extras all decorated in the fashion of the aesthetic of your choice. Books are a marvelous thing. Let this one take you on an adventure!


I am an author, antique freak and ranch girl who loves the mountains and everything life has to offer. I love codes and ciphers, Victorian everything and the great outdoors. If you like my items, please follow my shop and like my items. Thanks!

I am a very creative person, and I needed a way to make money and use my creativity. I am a very strongly Conservative seller, and though I will still keep my Etsy shop open, I love how Pelavida is protecting our rights! I use high-quality supplies and curate my mystery boxes carefully. Feel free to message me with any questions!

I take 1-2 days to ship and use USPS.

No refunds on Mystery Boxes. I will give a refund if you never receive your item or if you want to cancel.