Backyard Birds Classical Morning Menu


Classical Morning Menus are filled with 5 content pages plus a beautiful cover page to bring rhythm to your homeschool day. Serve your children a feast of truth, beauty and goodness with affirmations, Scripture, poetry, and artwork. 

Place these pages in your morning basket for circle time/morning time. They’re as simple as open and read/sing/discuss, so you can easily form a great homeschool morning routine–with no prep!

In this BACKYARD BIRDS Classical Menu your family will enjoy: 


  • Charlotte Mason Affirmations with Scripture verses on a bird theme
  • Scripture Memory – Matthew 6:26, plus manuscript and cursive copywork pages
  • 2 poems by well-known poets Emily Dickinson and Robert Frost
  • 1 painting from Dutch artist Carel Fabritius
  • How to Use tips page
  • Picture Study tips and discussion questions page

12 pages total: Includes a Cover page, an Introduction page, a How To Page and a Picture Study Guide with tips for using these menus in your homeschool.

BONUS: The Classical Morning Menu Calendar Planner gives you suggestions for how to spread the content throughout the month. 5 versions are included to fit any co-op day of the week. Don’t go to co-op? Simply give yourself a day off once a week! 

The content included focuses on American authors and artists. These printables contain Christian / religious / faith-based content. 

–>>Please NOTE: This is a PDF digital file product ONLY. You will NOT receive the plastic menu cover or anything pictured in “lifestyle” photos.

Please visit my blog post where I share more about how we use these menus in our homeschool. You can also find the link to purchase the plastic menu sleeves there as well!

Happy Strong Home was created to help mothers and homeschool families thrive by offering support, resources, and encouragement for your journey. We believe in teaching children to seek truth, goodness, and beauty, and that all truth ultimately leads back to God. Our printable resources help families take away the burden of curating quality morning time materials. So you can just snuggle up and enjoy classic poems, artwork, hymn, scripture, and Charlotte Mason affirmations, without all the scurrying!

Please allow 2-4 days for packing/shipping.

No refunds on digital products. Physical products may be returned within 30 days for a full refund of the item price only. Shipping costs will not be refunded, and the return shipping must be paid by the buyer.

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