Ouchies! – Roller Bottle with Essential Oils


100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils: frankincense, blue tansy, camphor, lavender. 100% organic coconut oil. 10ml roller bottle.

Non-toxic, clean, homemade products.

100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils used. 100% organic ingredients in all products

Over 200 products sold on Etsy- RollMamaRoll made the switch over to Pelavida because the company’s views align better over here! Happily making all non-toxic, clean, homemade and handmade products for every age group. 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils used for therapeutic purposes in some products. Please hit the “click here to ask questions” button for questions or concerns!

*this is not medical advice* I carry this roller in my purse/baby bag at all times. It works really well for all scrapes and booboos! This roller is handmade and is safe for all ages.

Shipping in USA International shipping costs extra

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