Sunshine Crochet Garland


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100% Cotton Crochet Decorative Sun Garland w/ FREE shipping!

Hello and welcome to Hunter Darling Craft House which is handmade gifts for family, friends, or yourself. I love to create with many different items! Growing up I believed that in order to be creative you had to be talented in painting, drawing, music, ect.. therefore never considered myself a crafty person. Praise the Lord he revealed to me that creativity isn’t a one size fits all and there’s many different ways to express your creativity. Here you will find me making what the Lord puts on my heart; there is no niche! I have many ideas for items I’d love to create and share but I need to start small and build up. Another thing that inspires me is using as many natural/eco-friendly materials as possible and creating less waste doing so. I plan to do the best I can and always improve where and when possible. Thanks for stopping by and please come again as I plan to add more and more items when the Lord allows. Have a blessed day.

This crochet garland is sure to bring a smile to your face! Decorated with 10 suns; five each in contrasting yellows. Use it to decorate for the summer season, party decor, photo backdrops, nursery, classrooms, home decor, or anywhere else you need a pop of sunshine!

Crochet garland is always made with 100% cotton fibers!

Each garland measures about 64 inches from end to end. It can stretch a bit and you may get another 1-2 inches of length.

REMINDER: Even though I use the same brand yarn and the same hook size for each garland they may vary an inch or so in length (longer or shorter). This can be a variety of reasons such as, hand tension, manufacturing of the yarn, ect.. You are getting a truly unique item made just for you!

SHIPPING TIME: Please understand this is hand crocheted and it takes time. Crocheted garland is 1-2 weeks before shipping. I likely won’t need the two weeks but ask for that extra time just in case there is a delay. Thank you for understanding!


Please allow 3-5 days on items in stock and 5-7 days for items made as ordered. It’s likely it won’t take this long to send out but I want to give enough time just in case there is a delay.

Returns and refunds will be determined on an individual case.

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