“Sunflower Farm” 🌻 DOWNLOADABLE ARTWORK (Copy)


This is one digital downloadable artwork. This item will not be shipped to you.

I am a Christian artist who has been painting professionally since my first baby was brought home six years ago. I decided to be a stay at home mom to watch my babies grow and work from home. For five years I have used my business to fundraise and spread awareness to fight the modern day slavery known as the sex trade industry. I have also held one small fundraiser during the height of the overturning of Roe V. Wade. I have seen the organizations I have supported grow and make big impact in their areas, specifically in Cambodia where child sex slavery is very culturally real. There is so much that feeds the sex trade industry, and abortion is part of the problem. I am so happy to shake hands with Pelavida and it’s customers to fight for a future with MORE BIRTHDAYS.

The file size is 2000px X 2582px It’s more than enough for a small frameable print. You can take this to your local printshop or online. This is for personal use only, not for resale or reproduction by another business. If you are interest in sharing these as a business please reach out and let’s talk about it! Message me through social media for quick contact. @pariskrahnart on FB or Instagram. Reminder this is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, not a physical product. This will not be  mailed to you.

As a full time mom my first priority is my home, so my shipping speed might have a day or two delay on business days, but I will typically work quickly within a 3 to 7 business day window. I will ensure your art prints will be both protected well in packaging and will ship with a company that works quickly to get your print to you fast. I dont like to offer shipping without insurance, so I will offer the best shipping rate that includes one with insurance just in case it gets lost in the mail or damaged.

I will not accept returns as a small business owner. Depending on the scenario I will work with each customer depending on the problem to remedy an ill package situation. I promise to not sell a print thats damaged or of bad quality, unless otherwise clearly stated. Please reach out if there is any issues, even with my digital downloads, as I would love to hear feedback and make my business better!

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