Starter Kit: Balance Hormones


“Starter Kit: Hormone Balance” features 3 MUST HAVE products when balancing hormones.

1. Anti-Fungi Deodorant: Let this perfectly blended anti-fungal deodorant keep you smelling fresh while keeping your body safe. Deodorant is the #1 switch you should make when starting the process. Deodorant is directly applied to our armpits- where two of the largest lymph nodes are. It is very important to be using clean, non-toxic deodorant. Lavender, Tea Tree, and Frankincense essential oils all have anti-fungal properties and are wonderful in deodorants.
2. Lavender Castile Soap Bar: This soap is awesome. It’s got clean ingredients, and works amazingly to clean your body! Your skin in the largest organ on your body- you need to make sure you’re using clean soap. It will help balance your hormones.
3. Peppermint Toothpaste & Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrush- Because we use toothpaste in our mouths, even though we’re spiriting it out- we are still partially ingesting it. Anything that you ingest goes further in your body than you can imagine! Modern toothpastes contain some very harmful ingredients- some even have a poison warning. This 4 ingredient peppermint toothpaste is an awesome switch to ensure your teeth stay clean- non-toxically!

Please PM me if you want to change the scent in any of these! I am open and receptive. God is so good y’all. 😍 Thank you for your support! I couldn’t do this without you guys!🥹❤️

Non-toxic, clean, homemade products.

100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils used. 100% organic ingredients in all products

Over 200 products sold on Etsy- RollMamaRoll made the switch over to Pelavida because the company’s views align better over here! Happily making all non-toxic, clean, homemade and handmade products for every age group. 100% pure, therapeutic essential oils used for therapeutic purposes in some products. Please hit the “click here to ask questions” button for questions or concerns!

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