Shower Curtain…. Rejoice in the Lord


Rejoice in the Lord… Shower curtain 71×74

Foma is the Fulfulde word for Hello. I spent 15+ years on and off as missionary midwife and am stateside taking care of family now. I’ve decided to create and start selling faith based decor with some of my travel photos. I hope to inspire and encourage other believers to be reminded of our great hope that is in our Lord and His Son Jesus Christ.

Rejoice in the Lord again I say rejoice… what a wonderful verse and reminder. Enjoy the series and decorate your bathroom with this cute shower curtain (and also check out the bathmat)

It is my hope to have your order placed 3-4 days and in the processed within 5-7 days be shipped to you.

Returns and refunds will be done. Please reach out to me and I will gladly help.

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