Project VII Ebook


“I was kidnapped at the age of 17, and experimented on. 7 Years later I escaped only to find myself dying in an alleyway. Caleb and Max found me and took me to The Sanctuary. I decided to help them fight the monsters that have been attacking the city, and take down all the ones behind this. My name is David, I’m Project 7.”

I am a creator and author for over ten years now. My first work was a comic book I illustrated and self published called Jackket Knightmare that deals with the very tough topic of child abuse. Since then I began writing stories after my parents and sisters passing I completed a story I began 11 years ago Son of Alice in Wonderland. I also did the illustration for the cover and artwork inside. Son of Alice in Wonderland is a what if story if Mad Hatter married Alice in our world and they had a son. The inspiration is drawn from the Movie from Tim Burton and Scyfy channels movie Alice.

David Ryder the playboy son of Billionaire Foster Rhyder was enjoying his partying lifestyle until one night he is kidnapped. He wakes to find himself in a secret facility where he is experimented on and turned into a hybrid human. After a failed escape his second attempt is successful but he finds that seven years have passed and he is in a world unfamiliar to him. David is found dying in an alley way and taken to The Sanctuary where he is helped by Ex-Scientist Caleb Keller and his teen assistant, Max. Together they will find out who did this to him and fight the monsters suddenly appearing and attacking the city.

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