Premium Wool Dryer Balls – Pack of 4, All Natural Dryer Balls, Nontoxic Laundry Supplies, Reusable Dryer Balls


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Set of 4 handmade 100% pure wool dryer balls

Get your home naturally clean!

Natural cleaning products and glass storage jars. Nontoxic cleaning products to keep your home naturally clean. My products are made in small batches with safe, nontoxic ingredients, so they are safe to use around your whole family!

Set of 4 handmade 100% pure wool dryer balls Each ball is hand crafted using premium wool yarn. Wool dryer balls are handmade and will very in size slightly. Our reusable wool dryer balls are made from all natural wool, so they are safe for people of all ages and won’t aggravate skin conditions. If dryer balls become dirty simply wash in a hot water washing cycle, using nontoxic laundry detergent, and dry on high. PRODUCT DETAILS * Set of 4 reusable wool dryer balls * All natural material (wool) * Lasts 5 years * Reduces drying time Natural dryer balls are a great addition to your nontoxic laundry routine! Pure wool will absorb toxins and odors leaving your clothes smelling great and free of harsh irritants. The friction of the wool against clothes will leave them feeling softer without the harsh chemicals found in fabric softener and dryer sheets. Dryer balls also reduce drying time by creating space between clothing items as they bounce around. This allows the hot dryer air to circulating better saving you time and money! Use with our natural laundry detergent for all your laundry needs! When you aren’t using your dryer balls keep them in this jar.

All of my cleaning products are recipes that I have created and use in my own home, around my own family. Each package is mixed by hand in small batches with ingredients that are safe for even the smallest members of your families. All of my scented products are created with 100% pure essential oils that are nontoxic and won’t disrupt your endocrine system.

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