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Snuggle into a cozy place in your mind. Sip a steaming beverage. Unwrap your adventure find your marked place, and forget everything else. Weather you are reading at home or someplace else, this elegant bookish set will enhance the experience.

The padded book wrap will protect your book’s edges while in a backpack, suitcase or a basket. Even laying on a table a book can be knocked of. Wherever your softback is this protective book wrap will keep it in top condition.
It fits the average height paper back or smaller. The wrap style allows it to be adjustable for varying widths and thicknesses, and the string tie keeps it secure with a simple twist around. The measurements are 9 x 17 1/2 inches.

Classic everyday comforts giving a sense of adventure in everyday life.

Hi there! I’m Emily Christina, a born again, God fearing, America loving Southern gal with a passion for femininity, tea and good books. Sewing has always been a creative obsession for me and this brand has grown from a desire to share all of these interests with others. My product offerings seek to lend a sense of adventure and beauty to your life while serving an everyday purpose. Aesthetic cannot make you happy if you don’t have a source of true joy, but beauty is a gift God has given us to encourage and uplift each other with, so please, browse my offerings in this department and let me know if there is anything I can do for you. Joy in the Lord, E.C.

This set would be a great encouragement to any book loving friend, or a way to make yourself slow down and relax more. Perfect for a college student who reads on the go. Someone who brings their book to a favorite café, or a home reader looking to add stylish fun to their story land.

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