Miss Mouse Baked A Cake Children’s Book


What happens when Miss Mouse starts making a cake, but too many cooks end up in the kitchen?

Handmade gifts, accessories and self-published children’s books

Put God first in your life and His blessings will follow. I took a stand against woke companies and if you’re reading this, that means you are too. Well done! I create unique handmade gifts, accessories and clothing. I also self-published a delightful children’s book. I can’t wait to share my craft with you.

Miss Mouse Baked A Cake is a delightful short rhyming story and is presented in board-book format–a perfect option for little ones to enjoy.  At 20 pages long, this story is a quick but entertaining read that your family will love.   Children love getting this book as a gift, and parent’s love an engaging but short story option.  The book measures 6 inches by 6 inches.   I never pictured writing a children’s story.  Throughout high school and college I was far more interested in epic fantasy.  I honestly kind of looked down on children’s authors as somehow not being able to make the cut of being a ‘real’ writer.  Then…I had children…  And all at once the need for quality children’s books that are a quick but fun read seemed a bit more pressing than writing the next million page fantasy epic.  I had a very specific idea for a story I wanted to write–but for two years I sat on the idea, too afraid to begin and not knowing where to start for publication.  In 2022 I finally bit the bullet and just took a chance.  I found a wonderful freelance artist and a caring printing company.  The result is an adorable children’s book that I am very proud of.

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