Jesus and the Waves, and You, Art Print

From: $4.75

(Color and lighting can look different depending on the device you are viewing this image on. The image is brighter in person.)

Acrylic painting of Jesus calling Peter to walk on stormy seas. The painting depicts Jesus in a white robe with a thin golden halo. He is stretching out his hand and looking at the beholder of the painting.

Giclee Fine Art paper is a thick matte paper with a subtle watercolor texture and provides outstanding longevity. The weight is 200 GSM


Semi Gloss paper produces lifelike color and realistic saturation with the finish of a traditional photo print. The weight is 254 GSM

Art full of wonder and beauty by virtue of God’s love for us.

I hope to draw people in and closer to Christ through the beauty He has called me to create. “This world in which we live needs beauty in order not to sink into despair. It is beauty, like truth, which brings joy to the heart of man and is that precious fruit which resists the year and tear of time, which unites generations and makes them share things in admiration.” ― Pope Paul VI

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