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For We Are God’s Masterpiece T-Shirt

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Mother and Daughter Homeschool Project turned into a business.

We are a conservative Christian homeschool family that had an idea for a school project which blossomed into Unshattered Grace. Mom and Daughter duo work on designs together, choosing colors, patterns, and product options. Based out of Florida, we have partnered with a printing company that allows us with large-scale ability to produce our product line. We are blessed that you have visited our shop today, thanks for being part of the Unshattered Grace family.

Designs are created here in the US, and our printing facilities are also located in the United States. However,  specific items (Specified on product additional info) may have been produced in another country.

All items are shipped ground. Additional fees if you wish for expedited shipping.

Each item is made to order for every customer. We do not accept returns at this time. Please contact us immediately if there is any issues with your item once it’s received.

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