Mix’n’Match 5 for $15 – Exclusive Bundle!


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Available now! The most exclusive bundle in our entire store! You can choose any 5 products for only $15!
Want all 5 to be headbands? Go for it!
Want 1 headband and 4 scrunchies? Get it!

As a mother I’ve needed to keep myself busy with things I enjoy to help keep the balance in my life. By sewing and handmaking accessory items it brings balance to being a mom and being an individual. It’s a skill I hope to pass on to my kids. While in the mean time selling what I love to make to help fund the things my kids love to do. So it all comes into a full circle as life truly is.

(Scrunchy) Fabric: Cotton (Headband) Fabric: Jersey knit / Ribbed Jersey knit

  • Size: One size fits most.

  • Care: Wash on gentle with cold water.

  • Shipping:

      • Free shipping on everything over $20!

      • Shipping to all of the US for only $5

      • Free local pickup if within 20 miles of central Missouri zip code 65459

I use a variety of fabrics and materials. All items are handmade either with hand sewing/knitting/crocheting, or made using a home sewing machine. None of my items are made on a factory line. Every accessory will be a little different from each other as all fabric is hand cut and hand measured. Some stitches may be longer or shorter. These are what make my products unique and I hope you love them as much as I love making them.

I will ship all items purchased between 5 and 7 days. Once item has been shipped I will email you the tracking number! :)

All items are handmade, which means there can be minor cosmetic defects (i.e long stitches, short stitches, some extra thread) these items are non refundable as they are the result from each item being made by hand and not in a factory. If the item is torn or broken within 1 day of confirmed delivery I will need a notice via email about the issue and a photo, then the item will need to be sent back so I can inspect to see if it can be fixed, hemmed, or replaced. If no notice has been given in 24 hours of delivery I cannot accept any returns or discharge refunds. EXCEPTIONS: hand crocheted blankets are not refundable or replaceable due the time commitment in making them. All blankets will be quality checked before shipping.

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