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Blue Floral Silicone Bead Keychain


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Handmade silicone beaded key chain with stainless steal metal parts and 100% cotton cord.

Hello and welcome to Hunter Darling Craft House which is handmade gifts for family, friends, or yourself. I love to create with many different items! Growing up I believed that in order to be creative you had to be talented in painting, drawing, music, ect.. therefore never considered myself a crafty person. Praise the Lord he revealed to me that creativity isn’t a one size fits all and there’s many different ways to express your creativity. Here you will find me making what the Lord puts on my heart; there is no niche! I have many ideas for items I’d love to create and share but I need to start small and build up. Another thing that inspires me is using as many natural/eco-friendly materials as possible and creating less waste doing so. I plan to do the best I can and always improve where and when possible. Thanks for stopping by and please come again as I plan to add more and more items when the Lord allows. Have a blessed day.

Handmade silicone beaded key chain with stainless steal metal parts and 100% cotton cord.

Silicone is derived from silica; a naturally occurring mineral found in sand and stone. It does need to go through a chemical process but high quality silicone is not like plastic (which is made directly from petrochemicals). Unlike plastic, silicone does not break down or leach toxins (microplastics) into us or the earth! It also does not contain BPA or phthalates. Doing my part, I’m sure to source my beads from reputable suppliers to be sure you’re getting the best quality beads!

I use stainless steel metal parts and cotton cord. Making none of the product contain plastic and should last for years (of course there are exceptions such as, being rough with the item, getting caught on something, ect..)!

Please allow 3-5 days on items in stock and 5-7 days for items made as ordered. It’s likely it won’t take this long to send out but I want to give enough time just in case there is a delay.

Returns and refunds will be determined on an individual case.

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