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Each of our items is custom made to your order.

Our processing time is 4-3 weeks!

Alpaca manure is considered an extremely beneficial fertilizer for house plants, outdoor plants, trees, shrubs, and gardens.
Alpaca manure, also known as “beans,” has the highest N-P-K of any natural fertilizer.
Alpaca manure does not burn plants and can be added immediately & directly to plants with no wait time.

Directions for “Alpaca Tea”:
*direction card included *
Soak mesh bag in a 5-gallon bucket of water for 24 hours than add the “tea”/ water to plants.
Mesh bag can be reused 3-4 times. Once done “beans” than can be added directly to plants, garden, or compost pile.

*Odor free

Due to the nature of our products and the fact that they are handmade on demand. We do not accept returns or exchanges. If there is a concern, please reach out to us and we will do our best to remedy it.

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