Alpaca Felt Dryer Balls Set of 6


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Alpaca felt dryer balls are the perfect replacement for toxic conventional synthetic dryer sheets. You will also save money because these dryer balls can last for 800+ loads of laundry! Use the full set of 6 for large/extra large loads or use just 4 dryer balls for small and medium loads.

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These alpaca dryer balls are crafted from the fleece of sustainably raised alpacas and come in a handmade cotton bag along with a small bag of pink salt to help reduce static. Alpaca fleece is free of lanolin, so it is a hypoallergenic alternative to sheep’s wool. From Buffalo Gal Grassfed Beauty:

”So, how do they work?

  • Dryer balls help separate garments for wrinkle reduction, increased softness, and slightly decreased drying time.
  • Every order also includes a small sachet filled with coarse sea salt, which we find eliminates a good deal of static when added to dryer loads.
  • We recommend a set of 4 for small to medium loads and a set of 6 for large and extra large loads. We do a lot of laundry on our farm (large loads!) and do fine with a set of 4. 
  • Using a set of 6 is best for slightly decreasing dry time.
  • When they’re noticeably smaller in size and no longer seem to be reducing wrinkles it’s time to give them to your pet as a chew toy or place them in your garden for mulch.”

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