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A Storm’s A Comin; Acrylic Painting on 12×16 inch Canvas Panel


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A Storm’s A Comin is an acrylic painting on 12×16 inch canvas panel Item ships only within the United States    

Creating artwork one colored dot at a time!

I am a Christian traditional artist in the great state of Georgia. I am a mother to three wonderful children and a wife to an amazing husband. My days are usually spent homeschooling, doing household chores and gardening, so creating artwork is something I do when I have spare time. I have been drawing for about 23 years and about three years ago, I decided to begin sharing my artwork with others in hopes that I can bring people joy through the talent that God blessed me with. I hope that you will take a look through my humble little shop and maybe find something that brings you happiness! -Courtney

I focus on realistic and very detailed drawings. I typically draw realism artwork using graphite or colored pencil on either 11×14 inch or 9×12 inch paper. I enjoy drawing landscapes, flowers, and occasionally animals. I have recently been spending time mastering the art of ink pointillism in color. Typically, pointillism is created using black ink. My pointillism technique focuses on creating by layering several shades of color to create depth and a realistic look. This technique takes planning, patience, and a lot of time. Each piece usually averages around 40 hours or more from the rough outline to the final ink point placed on the paper. Though pointillism is tedious and time consuming, I absolutely love creating with it! I hope you will love this technique as much as I do. My pointillism artworks are typically on 11×14 inch or 9×12 inch paper. On occasion, I do enjoy painting with acrylics, so I also have paintings available for sale every now and then. I prefer to paint on a 12×16 inch sized canvas panel.

Storm’s A Comin is an acrylic painting on 12×16 inch canvas panel, created in 2023.   I am a storm lover. I’ve always been one who has to be on the porch or standing out in the yard when one is approaching. One many occasions, I’ve been out in the middle of one and once I almost had a large tree limb fall on me while a good storm was going on. That doesn’t stop me though! There’s also nothing that compares to the feeling of a storm in the distance with the warm, summer air blowing around you and the sun illuminating the scenery as the dark clouds approach. I tried to capture that with this painting and I hope you enjoy!       This piece also comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity as an original artwork. Frame is NOT included. Photos with frames are for demonstration purposes.

At this time I only ship my artwork within the United States with USPS Monday through Friday

I don’t accept returns or cancelations, however if your item is damaged by the carrier, I will work with you to fix the problem.

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