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Brands FAQ

Common questions answered for our Brands!


While we say God is our CEO, Pelavida is run by the husband/wife team – Brydon and Giulia. We currently reside in Georgia but are a military family so we move pretty often. Brydon handles emails, Terms and Conditions, legal, the app, taxes, and the finances. Giulia handles social media, the site itself, products, server updates, and reaching out to new brands.

We issue funds directly from our (Christian) bank, to your bank account using BillPay. If you don’t want to input your bank account information into the site, you can let us know and we will send you a link to input it directly into our bank’s website (your data is completely secure on our site, visible only to us).

We then issue funds twice a month (15th and 30th or 31st).  We can issue your payments more often, but each time outside of these two times will come with a fee of $1 (we are charged for every transaction, so to keep costs low we limit the amount of transaction we process).

If you weren’t paid or have a payment pending, it is because you didn’t request withdrawal of funds form your vendor dashboard. Funds are held for 7 days in order to protect against refunds (again, every transaction costs so this is how we keep costs low). You can set up automatic withdrawal request so that whenever you have money for withdrawal, the system will automatically do the request for you. Easy!

Taxes are collected and charged by us – you just have to make sure the tax option is turned on by product (Choose “Taxable” and for rates “Standard”). We as the “marketplace facilitator” are responsible to remit the taxes to each state where the billing address for that customer is located.

NOTE: If you do not have taxes turned on, we will have to pull the taxes from your earnings. Taxes are on by default.


Shipping can be daunting on Pelavida, because you are responsible for it completely on your own. We provide you with a very robust set of tools to execute it, but how you do it is up to you. To begin, ask yourself the following:

1. Do I want to provide customers with the best possible price at the time of order? 

If so, you want to use “Live Rates” option

2. Do I want to provide my customers with a flat rate (either by order, by product, etc.)? 

If so, you either want to use “Table Rate” or “Product Shipping”

3. Do I want to incorporate the cost of shipping into my products and offer free shipping? 

Easy! Choose “Free Shipping”

And then there’s just about everything in between. Check out shoppelavida.com/manual for more info or reach out to us!

Great question! And could be lots of things. Unfortunately we are not able to have a “streamlined” and directly integrated shipping option (yet), but we do have what we think is the best on the market for allowing you to set up shipping exactly as you need to. However, this means there are lots of ways it could go wrong, so if you find something isn’t working, feel free to let us know!

After you have made a product, click on “view” from the products page or on the URL from within the product, then add the product to cart. Start checking out, and see if you see a price/your shipping method. If it says “no shipping options found” then something isn’t right! Start from the top and work down, then let us know if you need help!

Short story: a great way to save you and your customer ways to save money on shipping!

Full story: larger corporations get access to discounted shipping rates because they have “freight” accounts with major carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.). Shippo acts as our “major corporation” and sets up a freight account and then gives us licensure to use it for a very small (5 cent) fee per shipment. You get access to these discounted rates, whether you decide to use “Live Rates” or not. You can charge your customer a flat rate, and then use Shippo to get the cheapest rate that day, or if you customer reaches out saying they need it faster you can upgrade the shipping prior to purchasing the label.

Note: Shippo will ONLY charge you when you use their service. You can have an account and see how the rates are working, but you do not have to use them, even if you have live rates turned on. You can still go do your own thing. Just the live rates syncs directly with your account allowing you to get a label at the price the customer paid.


Congratulations! You are saving lives! This is so exciting, but you need to make sure you process the order correctly:

From your vendor dashboard, select “Orders”

Here you will see the order, click on the number to get the details. You can either print a shipping label direct from the site, or you can take the customer information to make your own via your own preferred shipping method. Then once you are ready to ship, you change the status to “completed” to let the customer know the product is on the way. You can also add notes, and be sure to add the tracking information under where it says “Tracking Number”. It’s that easy! The system handles the inventory management for you and will deduct what you need.


The first time you post a product on Pelavida, it will go into “pending” status. This means that we are still working on your “page” with all the info you submitted upon registration. Additionally, we try and check the first couple products from each brand to make sure things look good, shipping works, etc. Once you’ve proven you have the hang of it, we give you rights to publish directly to the site!

Digital products must be uploaded as a compressed (ZIP) file. You can have any file type and quantity within the ZIP, but it must be uploaded as a ZIP to the media library when you post it. Customers will get an email after purchase with the link to download, as well as they have a place within their user accounts to also download from.

You have two options: Variations (using attributes) or Product Add-ons. To decide, ask yourself the following:

1. Do I need to set up a different price per option within the product?
2. Do I want a different photo to show up depending on which option is selected?
3. Do my options have significantly different sizes that would impact shipping costs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to use Variations. You can see the guide for this in the manual, but in short, you create the attributes of the product, then release the attributes for use to create variations. Then the system will create combinations of each attribute and you can set price/photo/shipping by variation. To unlock these choices though, you must first set the product to “variable” instead of “simple” (found at the top of the product page).

ex. T-shirts typically have two attributes (size and color). You create these attributes (red, white, blue, and S, M, L), then create the variations. So your customers will see the option to select a color, and then a size. On your side, you will see nine options: Red S, Red M, Red L, etc. You can set the price to be the same for all, or you can go by each to set that up.

Product Add-Ons is just as it sounds – you leave the product as “simple” and then “add on” either drop down choices, fill in the blank, multiple choice, etc. These can either add to the price of the item (note: it  “Adds to” the price, it does not “change” the price altogether)  or these can just tell you what customization the customer wanted. 

Please be sure to email us at brands@shoppelavida.com if you have any other questions! Or better yet, join the Slack workgroup! Your link is in your vendor registration email. Let us know if you need a new link and we will be sure to get it to you